International Students International Students Redemption Christian Academy has enrolled international students from 36 countries throughout the world; currently over 50% of our student body are international students. Because of Redemption Christian Academy's emphasis on college preparation, over 90% of our graduates attend college. RCA provides English support for those students possessing minimal English proficiency by means of cultural immersion and remedial courses to supplement students' comprehension of the language. However, qualified students have opportunities to take AP and college courses while attending Redemption Christian Academy.

to Apply As An International Student, Submit These Items

  1. Admissions forms located at
  2. Application fee of $50 in U.S. dollars by wire, check, or credit card.
  3. Copy of the applicant's passport, birth certificate, and immunizations.
  4. Official transcripts translated into English and evaluated
  5. An interview on campus, by phone, or Skype
  6. Additional materials may be requested.

International Students

Minimal Engish Proficiency or Low TOEFL Scores

Redemption Christian Academy (RCA) has successfully educated international students since 1994 through its Cultural Learning Immersion Program (CLIP). Over the past two decades, there have been numerous occasions where international students arrived on campus with minimal English skills. Within a short period of time, students acquired functional English speaking skills. By the end of the academic year, these students have usually transitioned into regular classes on their grade level.

Redemption Christian Academy's family atmosphere provides a nurturing and supportive environment for students. Those with minimal English proficiency are placed in remedial classes. In addition, they receive tutoring. Students are culturally immersed by typically having an English speaking roommate. They are encouraged to speak "English only" both during classes and in the presence of any person who does not share their native language. Teachers individually monitor the student's progress and provide additional tutoring and support where needed.

International Students

International Students

I-2O Forms

Redemption Christian Academy will provide an I-20 once a student is accepted for enrollment. This document should be taken to the U.S. consulate in the student's home country in order to apply for an F-1 (student) visa.

Refund Policy

Cancellation prior to student's scheduled start date: No refund. Withdrawal or Cancellation after student's scheduled program start date or expulsion due to breach of program rules: No refund or credit is issued.

International Students


...It was summer of '97 when I took a plane departing from Rome, Italy, that brought me to Albany U.S.A. I was a 19 year old kid ready to sign a professional basketball contract In Italy, a dream coming true for 99 % of basketball players but not for me
. -- Andrea Bona, Italy

"Redemption Christian Academy is not just a school to me-it's my home, my family, and a place that brought purpose to my life."
-- Ondrej, Brno,Czech Republic

"Redemption Christian Academy gave me the opportunity to earn a full college scholarship. Much more than academically and athletically, I am now ready spiritually and mentally to realize my plans."
-- Bastien, Brussels, Belgium

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