Grand Canyon University Logo Grand Canyon University Logo Redemption Christian Academy has partnered with two colleges for dual enrollment to provide students the opportunity to earn college credit while attending RCA. Students may apply for dual enrollment at Grand Canyon University or Greenfield Community College. Dual enrollment courses are a great way to get ahead and prepare for college, while earning your high school diploma. These are college level courses that also satisfy high school credit requirements.

Grand Canyon University offers our students online dual enrollment courses.Students who are interested in taking dual enrollment courses with Grand Canyon University must meet the following criteria:

  • Student is required to have a 3.0 GPA or higher. 2.5 GPA or higher is accepted with a school counselor's approval.
  • Student is required to be a junior or senior, with successful completion of the sophomore year.

Greenfield Community College offers an early entrance program where any high school student can take courses. Most college courses have prerequisites, and students will need to take a placement test prior to enrolling in any classes. Students may choose to do online courses or attend class on a college campus.Redemption Christian Academy students have the opportunity to receive their high school diploma while also earning an associate's degree from Greenfield Community College.

Redemption Christian Academy students should speak to their counselor about taking college courses through our dual enrollment program. College credits earned by student athletes through RCA's dual enrollment program are accepted through the NCAA Clearinghouse. The link below provides access to a list of dual-enrollment courses offered by Grand Canyon University for Redemption Christian Academy students.

GCU Dual Enrollment Courses